Crowdfunding Consulting

Consulting. It sort of sounds like a dirty word, doesn’t it? I should know, I was one in the corporate world for many years.

Although there are great consultants out there that can save businesses and individuals a whole lot of time and money while building lasting relationships, there are also some slimy characters that dirty up the place.

With a new industry like Crowdfunding, there is a ripe opportunity for the disreputable to take advantage of people. In the past several years I’ve seen the ugly side rearing its ugly head. You need helpful and honest assistance, not someone offering you a bunch of useless reTweets in exchange for your credit card number.

How helpful and honest?

I can tell people when their idea is junk. I will readily tell people when their campaign strategy needs to be tossed in the trash. I can let someone know if their campaign is destined for doom.

I’ll also tell you what you’ve done right. What strengths and opportunities you might not even realize. I will bring in other experts and people who have succeeded with similar projects to advise what worked best for them. We will work with you to identify the best funding portal, best use of your existing network, best rewards structure, best pre-launch strategies and a clear campaign road map.

We don’t want any upfront fee. If I think your idea is at least somewhat realistic, and I like you, we will work out a small payment based on the successful completion of your project. Key word: small. If you don’t succeed, then we don’t succeed.

But more importantly, we will ask you to pay us back in another way: We will want you to help out a future campaign related to your own, just as we are helping yours.

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