Contact and the facts- legal and otherwise

Crowdfund-A-Dream is a part of the Collab Project.

The Collab Project is a division of Dystopian Studios LLC.

Kevin Flint is the Chief Liability Officer of Dystopian Studios LLC.

He prefers that title to CEO or owner, because those titles aren’t descriptive enough.

Dystopian Studios is a “for profit” LLC.

Fortunately, it is in no danger of making a profit.

Collab Project (as well as several other Dystopian Studios endeavors) are unofficially “not for profit.” Unofficially because applying for 501(c)3 status is a lengthy and difficult thing, and Kevin has just started taking care of it (after only 9 years of procrastination.) It is #138 on today’s list of things to do, just after filling out his papers to run for state senate. But even when these unofficial not for profit endeavors accidentally make money, Kevin puts that money back into the community. He even has the documentation to back that up.

Kevin has a fetish for talking about himself in the 3rd person. All this typing is getting him excited.



670 Moulton Ave #9

Los Angeles, CA 90031