Crowdfunding Seminars

Cheap coffee. A box of day old donuts. Headache inducing fluorescent lights. Cheap folding chairs.


A sweaty guy on a stage pointing to ridiculously confusing, outdated, and irrelevant Power Point slides. All for a low, low price of $287.

Who doesn’t love a good seminar? It is enough to make any creative get lost in their notepad doodles.

Frankly, I can’t say we are offering high quality coffee or donuts. I’m not making any promises on light bulbs. And it won’t be in the EconoLodge conference room.

I can promise it will be about 1/25 that price. Our gatherings are small and personal, with no more than a dozen guests. And I can promise the information will be topical, easy to digest, and extremely practical. It won’t be promising you the next million dollar project. Or give you 3 easy steps towards instant success. It will just be the distilled experience, wisdom, and real world data driven results of successful crowdfunders. And I’ll work on getting decent coffee.

Crowdfunding Seminar 1- Beginner’s Guide

This 3 hour seminar will hit the basics. What crowdfunding can do for you. Whether you are a good candidate for raising money via crowdfunding. And it will lay out the basics of a crowdfunding campaign. From initial idea, through pre-project planning. Building your project page and your pre-launch campaign. How to get off to a great start from Day 1. And how to run your campaign from start to finish. And importantly, what to do once you succeed.

Crowdfunding Seminar 2- Advanced Best Practices

This 5 hour seminar gets into the little details that separate the 150% funded from the 80% funded. Topics include:

  • The perfect project page, including copy, layout and graphics
  • How to make a video that doesn’t blow
  • Rewards. Ideas, scarcity, and how to not over commit
  • The pre-launch campaign

Crowdfunding Seminar 2 – So you’ve got a project

This seminar is designed for those who have a great idea already. Maybe you’ve already tried once with it, and came up short. Maybe you’re just nervous to show it to the world. It doesn’t matter, we’re here to help. For this round table style gathering, we’ll let you introduce your projetc